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InternetSppedUK TV in Cyprus's services are provided using MAG250/254 IPTV set-top-boxes. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. How it works is the signal is send from an internet  server to the customer via an internet broadband connection, so any device that connects to the internet and has a screen  (and also your TV if you purchase a UK TV in Cyprus MAG250/254 set-top box), can be used to view IPTV programs.

To receive UK TV in Cyprus UK programs over your internet connection a stable 2mb connection is all that is required. However, here  in Cyprus, because the bandwidth is shared between many users, the signal sometimes tends to drop below the 2mb threshold, therefore a connection speed of 3mb or even 4mb would be desirable, although not essential. This would give you a sufficient buffer should the internet speeds fluctuate, and ensure that you get a clear, uninterrupted picture without freezing or serious glitches.

To test whether your internet speed is sufficient to receive our services, please logon to our live demonstration website where you will be able to watch live UK TV on your computer without having to register or commit yourself to using our services. You can also request a free three day no-obligation trial by completing the free trial form, please click HEREto book yours now. We would also recommend that you take our speed test by clicking on the Speed Test link below. This will give you an accurate indication of the speed of your internet connection, and will indicate whether your internet connection is sufficiently fast enough to receive our services. Also, you may like to check that the speed that you are getting whilst taking this test is actually somewhere near the speed that you are paying your internet service provider (ISP) for. If it is significantly lower, than we recommend that you contact your ISP to have it checked out.

Link to Speed Test Website

Click on the above link to test your internet speed

Test your internet speed

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