MAG254 Digital STB Decoder

UK TV in Cyprus - MAG250/254 Set-Top-Box

The MAG254 Micro set-top box from UK TV in Cyprus is a very popular solution combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators with unrivalled user-friendliness for end consumers interested in interactive digital TV. The MAG254 box supports video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for internet digital channels (Full HD 1080), the MAG254 box meets all up-to-date requirements for multimedia solutions. All UK TV in Cyprus and NTV services are available on MAG254 set top boxes. Once you purchase an NTV subscription, you can

use it for both web (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, IPad, IPhone and Android tablet) and set top box access to UK TV channels and movies. We allow simultaneous usage of the website and set top box, so you can watch two different UK TV channels at the same time, using just one NTV subscription. If you have already purchased a MAG254 box, you can use it with our service without any extra charges and fees (You still need to have a live NTV subscription). If you have not purchased your box yet, you can get it directly from  UK TV in Cyprus, please contact us for details. The MAG254 comes with it's own dedicated remote control that can also be programmed to control the basic functions of your television, like switching on and off, volume control and selecting the video source.The MAG254 is the most user-friendly Set-Top-Box available in the market place today, no complicated Android Boxes or XBMC (KODI) to master, just one simple remote controls all your viewing options. Click HEREto see just how easy it is to install and operate! Watch whatever you want from where ever you are! With the UK TV in Cyprus MAG254 set-top decoder box, you have a full electronic program guide (EPG) at your fingertips givng details for all programs for the whole of the current day, and for the next three days. Many channels even allow you to replay the programs you have missed over the last fourteen days (called "catchup") at your own convenience. Some of the many other features of our MAG254 set-top decoder are, the facility to record catch-up programs or a movie (subject to channel rules) to a USB memory stick, or USB disk drive, browse the internet right there on your TV, and a media brower where you can view any video compatible media. You can even view You Tube videos from their internet website!

Images of the cables required are shown below:-

UK TV in Cyprus - HDMI Lead        UK TV in Cyprus RCA Cable        UK TV in Cyprus - Ethernet Cable

   HDMI Cable                    RCA Connector Cable                 Ethernet Cable


Using the UK TV in Cyprus MAG254 Set-Top-Box

Connect the box to the internet, your TV and the mains power

UK TV in Cyprus - Setting up the MAG250/254

Switch the MAG250/254 and your TV on, choose from TV Channels, On-Demand-Video or Radio Stations from the opening menu by using the left and right arrow keys on the remote control, then press OK 

UK TV in Cyprus - Setting up the MAG250/254

If you select TV choose a Channel that you want to watch by using the up and down arrow keys on the remote control, (if you select movies-on-demand or Radio Stations, the same applies), then press OK 

UK TV in Cyprus - TV Channel selection page

Now just press the OK button on the remote to watch the chosen channel, pressing OK again will get you back to the channel selection list.

Watch the Video!

That's it! What could be easier than that? No complicated Android Boxes, and no user-unfriendly XBMC, just one simple remote controls all your viewing options. 

Our MAG254 Set-Top decoder is avaliable for just €165!

Including installation (certain areas of Cyprus only) programing and all cables and adaptors.

Click on the link below to order yours today!

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