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British Expats face UK TV Turn-Off Abroad!

UK TV in Cyprus - Breaking ExPat NewsResidents of Spain, Cyprus, France, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece & Switzerland will soon find themselves without British television programs, including Sky channels, due to the launch of the Astra 2E satellite. The satellite is replacing the existing device that is currently providing free-to-air and encrypted UK digital TV to expats living abroad allowing them to watch UK TV channels and Sky channels on their TV.

The new satellite, however, will not broadcast BBC television channels or radio stations to Spain, Cyprus, France, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece & Switzerland , leaving those residents who receive UK TV & Sky transmissions through their satellite dishes without the currently extensive range of British & UK TV channels and it will become very difficult if not impossible in the near future to get any UK TV or Sky channels anywhere outside of the UK.

So far only the BBC has made any formal statement on the matter. Alix Pryde, the Corporation's director of communications, said the new satellite would signal the end of UK TV abroad and BBC broadcasts in Spain, Cyprus, France, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece & Switzerland as it looks to focus on the quality of the UK TV service transmitted to license fee payers living in the UK.

But the signs for other channels like Sky are also not very good. Be prepared to lose your Sky TV channels that you currently receive abroad and also the free to air British TV channels via your satellite dish setup in the not too distant future.

The Solution?

Those expats viewing Sky TV and other UK TV channels abroad via the Internet like UK TV in Cyprus, a service which provides broadcast via your broadband internet connection anytime and from anywhere, will not be affected by the change and concerned viewers are being advised to switch to a service like UK TV in Cyprus as soon as possible to avoid being left without the British TV & Sky channels. We are already experiencing a huge surge in demand for our service at UK TV in Cyprus, but we urge viewers to get in touch with us sooner rather than later so they are not affected by the imminent change.


If you have been enjoying you will be sorely disappointed to learn that they have pulled the plug on their FREE service both on their website and the HDi Player.


What does this mean?

It may still look like it's available, but after 2 minutes of viewing they will ask you to choose how you would like to pay - with some packages costing up to €85 per month ! This is NOT value for money when you can use UK TV Cyprus for a fraction of the cost!

Another Huge Batch of Channels gone on Card Share this Morning.

22 more gone as of just after 4am 16/05/17
Sky Sports 1 UK
Sky Sports 2 IRL
Sky Sports 3 UK
Sky 1 UK
Sky 1 +1 UK
Comedy Central UK
Nickelodeon +1
Nick Jr
Sky Matt Damon
Sky Arts
RTE 1 +1 IRL
Oireachtas TV IRL
RTE News Now IRL
Sky Sports Mix & Sky Sports F1 have also gone


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