UK TV in Cyprus - Troubleshooting MAG250/254 Problems

Due to the rapid advances in IPTV streaming made over the last couple of years, it is statistically proven that most IPTV problems stem from sources other than the Internet TV service providers like UK TV in Cyprus and NTV. So before you contact NTV support or UK TV in Cyprus,  please try the following remedies to resolve the problems.


1. First and foremost, go to the NTV website at and check to see if they have posted any notification of problems with their service, often they will tell you when they expect the problem to be resolved


2. As with all Internet related systems, the basic rule of thumb is, before you try anything else, disconnect the internet device (MAG250/254) from the mains power by unplugging the power cord from the back of the set-top-box and then plugging it back in again after a couple of seconds. This will cause the MAG250/254 set-top-box to reboot, this function cures many of the problems of the picture freezing or the UK TV channels  disappearing from your screen.


3. If the above solution fails to cure the problem, then also unplug the internet service providers modem from the mains by taking out the power supply at the back of the device, waiting for at least fifteen seconds, them plugging it back in again, as well as rebooting the MAG250/254 device.


4. Check your internet speed by going to our website at  and clicking on the speed test link. If the results of this test show that your speed is 2mbps or less, then the internet service provider is either "Throttling" your internet connection due to high demand for their services, or they have a problem. In either case, you need to contact your internet service provider to tell them about the problems that you are experiencing.


5. Many problems with receiving IPTV streams are related to the television that you are using. If you are experiencing serious problems, or you are receiving no picture or sound at all, firstly please try using a different HDMI cable (or if you are using the RGA plugs, another RGA cable) to see if this cures the problem, if it does not, then also try using a different HDMI port on your TV, but don't forget to change the TV source to the new port!


6. If you are experiencing problems with only one, or a few channels, please try to watch  other channels from the available list, it could well be that NTV are conducting maintenance on the particular program you are trying to watch, or they may be experiencing problems with that particular channel, in either case, you can be assured that they will be working on it to get it back as soon as possible


7. If you are not receiving anything on your MAG250/254 box, and you have recently renewed your subscription online, please login to your NTV account and see if the blue writing on the extreme right of your subscription details says "bind" or "unbind". If it says "bind" then you have inadvertently removed your box from the subscription, please click again until it displays "unbind"

 UK TV in Cyprus - Support

You are of course always at liberty to contact NTV support at any time that they are online, just go to the NTV website at and click on the Live Support tab at the top right of the page.

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