UK TV in Cyprus -  Set-Top-Box

UKTV in Cyprus - MAG250/254 Set-Top-BoxThe UK TV in Cyprus  Micro set-top box is a very popular solution combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators with  unrivalled user friendliness for end consumers interested in interactive digital TV. Watch whatever you want from where ever you are!

The UK TV in Cyprus  box supports video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for digital channels (Full HD 1080р), the UK TV in Cyprus box meets all up-to-date requirements for multimedia solutions.

All NTV services are available on UK TV in Cyprus  set top boxes. Once you take out a subscription, you can use it for both web and set top box access  to channels and movies. We allow simultaneous usage of the website and set top box, so you can watch two different channels in the same  time, using one subscription.

If you have already purchased an STB, you can use it with our service without any extra charges and fees (You still need to have an NTV  subscription).

If you have not purchased your box yet, you can get it directly from from UK TV in Cyprus, please contact us for details. The box comes with it's own dedicated remote control that can also be programed to control the basic functions of your television.

Setting Up & Adding a New STB to your Account

To connect your new box to the NTV service,you need to do three things. Firstly you need to set-up the box to receive NTV, to do this when you have the 13 icon display after first switching the box on for the first time, just press the "Set" or "Gear" button on the remote, this is on the second row the middle button, now select the "Servers" then the "Portals" options and in the Portal 1 URL field (using the remote in built keyboard by pressing the KB button on the remote) enter in this field and press the "Exit" button twice on the remote control, this will save this setting and take you back to the main menu. Now from the menu that this takes you back to, select the "Advanced" tab and press OK, now scroll down using the remote arrow keys to the "Butter size (ms)" and use the right arrow key on the remote to set this to the value 15000 and press the "Exit" button on the remote to save the setting. Now scroll down the menu to "Reboot device" press the OK button to confirm. The box, when it reboots, is now programmed.

Next you need to add the box to your account by firstly connecting the box to your TV, and switching the TV and box on. Now, from the NTV website that you logged on to, click the blue tab on the right hand side for "Add mag250" that will take you to a new page, enter the Mac address of the box, (this will be in the format 00:1A:79:20:59:70 the numbers will obviously change, this can be found on a label on the underside of the box), in the MAC Address box, then click on the "Request" button. After a few minutes or less, a code will appear on your TV screen, enter this code in the box labelled "Approve" then click, this will add the box to your account, now you just need to add a name for the box and click on the "Save" button. The box is now added to your account. The third thing you need to do is to take out a STB subscription with NTV by selecting the "Packages" tab from the main menu, from there select the package that you want, and follow the instruction on how to pay. Now, again from your account page, you will see that the subscription has been added, all you need to do now is to click on the blue "Bind" button shown next to your subscription details, that is it you should be now connected and receiving transmissions.

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