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And if you buy the UK TV in Cyprus optional UK TV in Cyprus Set-Top decoder box, you can watch them on your TV without having to use a computer or tablet.

PAL / NTSC / HDMI 1080i or 1080p 50/60hz - Works on any standard or high definition TV anywhere in the world. Watch whatever you want from where ever you are!

Watch your TV not your computer! The UK TV in Cyprus set-top box even comes with it's own simple to operate remote control, so changing channels is easy, just like watching your ordinary TV! The UK TV in Cyprus set-top-box is the most user-friendly Set-Top-Box available in the market place today, no complicated Android Boxes or KODI to master, just one simple remote control to access all your viewing options!

*Live TV Channels  *Live Radio Channels *Movies on demand  *Personal recording  *Timeshift  *14 day catch-up facility on selected programs  *Program guide *Full USB support  *Media browser *Internet browser  *Handy user friendly remote control  * First class support

*And much more from UK TV in Cyprus!..... All for less than €1 a day!