UK TV in Cyprus - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a satellite dish ?

No, no dish is required just a broadband internet connection.


Do I need a computer?

No, no computer is needed if you use the UK TV in Cyprus MAG250/254 Set-Top-Box, but you can watch TV on your computer as well at the same time.


Do I need a router?

Yes, you need a router to connect to the UK TV in Cyprus MAG250/254 set top box. From there, you simply connect your MAG250/254 IPTV box to your TV.


What broadband speed do I need?

UK TV in Cyprus recommend a minimum 2.5MB connection. Use our Speed Test tab on the Home Page to test your current speed.


Can I use my computer whilst watching TV?

Yes, both run independently. However, you should be aware that using your computer at the same time as your UK TV in Cyprus MAG250/254 Set-Top-Box reduces the available bandwidth to your MAG250/254 box, and may cause breaking up of the picture.


Are any programmes in High Definition?

Yes, the MAG250/254 IPTV box has an HDMI connection. Some of the available UK TV channels are in HD quality.


Do I need a UK ip address?

No, this MAG250/254 IPTV box will work anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.


Am I signed up to a contract?

No, you are only committed to a 30 days subscription, if you wish to renew this, you just login to your account and extend for a further 30 days, there are no long term contracts, but you can subscribe for any number of 30 day periods.


Is this catch up TV?

No, this is live UK TV, just as you would have back in the UK. There is, however, a fourteen day catch-up facility on many channels for customers using the MAG250/254 set-top-box.


What if I move?

No problem!, your original address is only used for us to ship your new IPTV box to. You can use it anywhere you wish, as long as you have the broadband speed required.
You can even take it on holidays with you!

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